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Cannulation & Perfusion Simulator

E-SIM is for the users who want to dive into the world of ECLS simulation and want a simple but effective simulator for practising ECLS cannulation, connection to ECLS systems and IABP systems. It is an excellent tool for someone beginning with ECC simulation.

All Products in E-SIM Series use Patented Technology developed by The Simulator Company Ltd. 

The most realistic ECLS cannulation simulator ever made. 

Perform Hybrid Cannulation

Perform all types of cannulation connect them together with the ECLS System


1. Hybrid Cannulation for VA,VV,VAV,VVAA, VAA, VVV, etc.

2. Distal Limb Perfusion Cannulation

Create Difficult Cannulation with Ease

Recreate realistic complex cannulation scenarios with ease.


1. Create 4 levels of complex cannulation scenarios.

2. Femoral and Neck vessels can be cannulated using the standard Ultrasound-guided approach. 

Control the Heart

Control the Heart with ease using a wireless remote control.


1. 3 Levels of Cardiac Output

2. 10 Levels of Heart Rate

3. 8 Levels of Cardiac Arrhythmia

Quick Setup

It takes only one person to set up, just less than 5 minutes to Prime and make the simulation ready for all the simulation scenarios.


1. Setup Time: Less than 5 minutes

2. Emptying Time: Less than 5 minutes 3. Vessel Change Time: Less than 2 minutes


Compatible with IABP, Impella, etc.

Do more than just ECLS.


1. Compatible with largest-sized IAB Catheter - Full IABP Support Possible with or without ECLS

2. Impella compatible

3. Pl-VAD

4. ECCO2R, etc

Most realistic Skin


1. Designed to make cannulation challenging

2. Puncture reseal technology

3. Long Lasting

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