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The Simulator Company, London, is the first British company to manufacture advanced ECLS manikin-based simulators designed to mimic realistic clinical scenarios. The Simulator Company, established in 2019, is passionate about manufacturing high-fidelity simulators in all fields of extracorporeal circulation. All our Patented products are designed to fulfil the current and future clinical training needs with Advanced Circulatory life support therapies. In addition, our simulators help simulate challenging clinical scenarios, improving the trainee's technical skills.

We genuinely believe that with simulation, we can save lives.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Patient with Healthcare Nurse


We will make every effort to help patients supported with Advanced Circulatory Support technologies to get better therapy outcomes. 


We aim to solve clinical challenges in Advanced Circulatory Life support therapies by creating realistic and focused training solutions. The Solutions we offer will evolve to and beyond the industry standards to provide users with the most immersive experience. 

Image by Nhia Moua
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