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First UK ECPR Summit, London

The Simulator Company, London, is excited to share our successful participation at the UK's first ECPR Summit 2023, held in London this week.

We had the tremendous opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge simulators - the E-SIM Pro, the all-new E-SIM Pro 2, and the E-SIM Mini, each delivering unparalleled training capabilities.

It was a privilege to demonstrate these innovative solutions to an audience of eager medical professionals.

In addition, we unveiled the Mystery Simulator, an unreleased, ground-breaking product that promises to add a new dimension to medical simulation. Its use in the hands-on workshops was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, creating anticipation and excitement for its official release.

These workshops not only provided hands-on experience but also allowed for interactive learning. We are always thrilled to see how our technology facilitates better understanding and advances medical training.

Our participation in the ECPR Summit 2023 demonstrates our continued commitment to driving innovation in medical simulation technology. We are excited to participate in more such events in the future.

We want to extend our thanks to the summit organisers and all the attendees for their engagement and positive feedback.  Here's to pushing the boundaries of medical education together!

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